Personality and a passion for sales are what drive Peggy Rauch and her team. After years in the business under a large brokerage, Peggy established her own brokerage and has built it into a formidable competitor in the Valley of the Sun marketplace.

From the start Peggy has had a focus and determination to succeed in this business. “I remember the day I first began my real estate career. It was the day of the annual awards banquet. After the banquet I asked the top agent if I could pick his brain. I followed his advice and at the banquet the following year I was awarded Rookie of the Year,” explains Peggy. Over 33 years later her success has continued.

Part of this drive comes from her upbringing in a large family in Philadelphia. With nine siblings the expectations and responsibilities were high. “There were no excuses for lack of performance or bad behavior. We were simply expected to reach inside and come up with something more.” Now, she translates this tremendous work ethic to her own business.

She explains, “After working for so long under a large brokerage, I realized I wasn’t taking advantage of the benefits offered by the brand. I had always done all the marketing myself and had built up my own name and reputation, so why not start out on my own?” Leaving the security of an established brand is a risky proposition, particularly in Arizona’s competitive market but for Peggy, it was a risk she felt she could have taken even earlier. “I want people to know it is possible to grow your own business even in as competitive a market as Arizona real estate.”

With her husband Michael working by her side and a team of seasoned professional agents, the jump seemed natural. The new venture gave Peggy and Michael the opportunity to drive the business how they want, allowing them to take more managerial and strategic responsibility. Even with this added responsibility Peggy remains deeply connected to her clients. For ger, real estate will always be about meeting the true need of her clients. “I positively love what I do and cannot think of another career where I could achieve the satisfaction and pleasure that I derive from meeting new people and making their dreams come true. It is really quite exhilarating for me and I am always looking for the next challenge or opportunity.”

Part of meeting these new challenges is always keeping up-to-date on real estate’s ever changing climate. “I’m a real believer in education as a critical tool of the trade.” She attends as many classes as possible each year and now sits on the Professional Standards Committee for the Arizona Association of Realtors and the Education Committee for the Arizona Department of Real Estate. Ion her capacity as a case reviewer she is able to foresee problems that her own agents may face and help them avoid these pitfalls. Whatever knowledge she gleans she puts into action with her own team, always striving for excellence for herself and her team.

Peggy is not all business. She knows the benefits of creating a balanced life. “I don’t believe we can be our very best unless we take time to balance our lives – our minds, our spirits, our bodies, our relationships and our business.” For Peggy this balance is found in her passion for golf, reading and cooking for her family and friends. She encourages her team to take time for themselves in the same way, in order to foster a healthy environment at work and for their clients.

Forever searching for that elusive element of perfection, Peggy is always focused on the future. Owning her own business is now the culmination of her years of experience, her drive and above all, her dedication to her clients – a combination that will serve her well no matter where her future leads.

Industry Memberships

  • National Association of Realtors
  • Arizona Association of Realtors
  • Scottsdale Area Association of Realtors
  • Arizona Multiple Listing Service
  • Luxury Real
  • Gerson Lehrman Group


  • Professional Ethics Committee (Arizona Association of Realtors)


  • Accredited Buyer’s Representative (ABR)
  • Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialists(LHMS)
  • Certified Negotiation Experts (CNE)
  • e-Pro Certified Realtors (e-Pro)
  • Certified Residential Specialists (CRS)
  • Resort & Second Home Specialists RSPS)
  • Senior Real Estate Specialists (SRS)
  • Certified Commercial Sales Specialists (CCSS)
  • GREEN Certified Realtors (GREEN)
  • Senior Real Estate Specialists (SRS)
  • Certified Short Sale Negotiators (CSSN)
  • Short Sale & Foreclosure Resource Specialists (SFR)