It has been our pleasure and privilege to work with Peggy Rauch for our Scottsdale real estate needs. During our careers we have relocated a number of times and bought and sold approximately fifteen properties, including a home in Scottsdale Ranch. Peggy has been by far the most professional, ethical, and client oriented of any realtors we have used.

Peggy listens carefully to the needs of her clients and achieves those requirements. She has outstanding interpersonal and problem-solving skills. She is a seasoned and effective real estate professional and is always willing to go the extra mile to complete the transaction in the best interests of everyone involved. We do not hesitate to recommend Peggy for any real estate sales or purchase needs.

– Rex and Eileen Smith

We highly recommend Peggy Rauch as a Realtor in Scottsdale. She was recommended to us by our friend Brian who also happens to be a lender. When we began to entertain the idea of purchasing a home in Scottsdale, Brian introduced us to Peggy, knowing that he was leaving us in excellent care.

We were new to the area and didn’t know where to begin looking. Peggy showed amazing patience as we narrowed down the search. She gave us solid advice and steered us in the right direction. She made herself available at the last minute as new listings came up. She took us through the process from the offer to the closing table flawlessly and efficiently.

Last September, we were relocated to California. We called Peggy to start the process of listing our home. From the first phone call, Peggy had a specific timeline and most of the details ironed out. We left the state knowing that she would handle everything. When an issue came up whether it be a repair that was needed or some paperwork that needed to be provided, she had a referral or a contact person to help us resolve the issue quickly. We would even recommend the repair people she referred us to. She works with and refers top notch people that were both fair in price and provided excellent service.

Peggy’s extensive knowledge in the ever-changing market allowed us to achieve top dollar in the sale of our home. She anticipated what the buying agent would say and do and set the tone for a quick and easy closing. Her no nonsense, professional approach leaves little room for error and expedites the transaction. We truly believe she lead the process in a manner that encouraged everyone involved to work professionally, efficiently and ethically.

If only we could have Peggy come to California, we don’t ever want to use another Realtor. She has simply set the standards too high.

– Laurie Barnes

We have known and worked professionally with Peggy Rauch and Michael Meinerz for fifteen years. We have purchased and sold several properties with The Peggy Rauch Group. They are extremely knowledgeable in real estate. Peggy has always given us the right advice based on her experience and strong intuition for every situation that arises. She is always right!

Peggy is not only extremely professional but a very caring and compassionate person. She also gives back to the community by organizing and hosting several fundraisers every year. We are so confident in her abilities that we have referred several friends to Peggy and Michael. They have thanked us for introducing them to such confident and professional real estate agents. Peggy and Michael have proven, again and again, to be a very strong negotiators and excellent advisors. They are the kind of agents you want on your side.

Our last home sale in Cimarron Hills in McDowell Mountain Ranch had several unexpected twists along the way. Peggy and Michael were always calm and confident throughout the stressful process and were able to guide us through every difficult situation without a hitch. We will continue to use The Peggy Rauch Group for all our real estate needs and would highly recommend them to you.

– Daniel and Amina Pollmann

My wife Jamy and I were living in Colorado when I accepted a job in Scottsdale. We didn’t know a soul in the Valley of the Sun and although we had visited the area a couple of times on business, we didn’t know a thing about the real estate market.

Fortunately, we were introduced to Peggy Rauch at a charitable fundraising event before we relocated. We told her our price range and the type of home we wanted, and we underscored our urgency to find new digs. She wasted no time helping us. The very next day she took us on an extensive (and fun!) tour of the Northeast Valley and showed us several houses in a variety of neighborhoods. By late that afternoon, Jamy and I had gained an appreciation of the local market, and Peggy had gained a clear understanding of our interests. Then, she eagerly took up the challenge of sorting through the area’s limited and constantly changing inventory to narrow our prospects down to properties that met our criteria – no easy task, in light of our budget and our standards.

Her efforts were complicated by our availability. I was staying in Scottsdale to throw myself into my new job and Jamy returned to Colorado to sell our house, only able to re-visit the Valley on weekends. But Peggy faithfully did her homework during the week, and, over the following weekend, cheerfully showed us what she found. Though all the listings she showed us could have met our needs, we held out for a place that also felt just right to us – you know, a place you walk into and know its “home.” Peggy not only understood our disposition, she earnestly supported it. She sincerely wanted us to be happy – compromise was not in her vocabulary.

By the next weekend, we had secured a contract on our house in Colorado, strengthening both our position and our confidence to consider making an offer. And, during the prior week, Peggy had identified a new listing that truly “fit.” She developed a comprehensive list of comparable sales, recommended a win-win offer, and uncompromisingly represented our best interests to the seller.

The rest, as they say, is history. Peggy negotiated a great price for us, prepared and processed the contract, arranged and personally oversaw the property’s inspection, and coordinated the closing. We could not have asked for more professional support, assistance, and representation. Indeed, Peggy’s professional, pleasant and patient assistance far exceeded our expectations, which were pretty demanding given all of the parameters (timing, location, budget, floor plan, etc.) she had to work with. And, though house-hunting is typically an exhausting and trying experience, Jamy and I really, really enjoyed working with Peggy.

Peggy Rauch breaks the mold of the stereotypical real estate agent. She truly cares about her clientele, she is genuinely committed to ensuring satisfaction, she knows her business inside out, and she is absolutely delightful to work with. In fact, she is such a special person that she has become one of our very best friends in the Valley.

Peggy deals in homes, not houses – a huge difference that anyone in the market can appreciate. Accordingly, Jamy and I will turn only to Peggy if we ever need help with real estate in the future. We highly recommend this remarkably capable, honest, and thoughtful individual.

– Jeffrey J. Battle

My wife and I relocated from the East Coast to Phoenix. We knew nothing about Phoenix/Scottsdale. My wife and I contacted Peggy Rauch through a property sign on one of her listings that we saw as we drove around Phoenix just window shopping. Peggy immediately returned our call. We met the next day. Peggy handed us a very comprehensive relocation packet full of neighborhood information, school information, traffic reports, etc.

It was the most professional packet I have ever seen from a real estate agent. She also had 15 homes for us to see. I was honest with Peggy from the outset. I told her that I wouldn’t be relocating to Phoenix for about three years. NO OTHER REAL ESTATE AGENT WOULD THEN GIVE ME THE TIME OF DAY!! We basically had to lie to these agents in order to get any information. Peggy’s professionalism and expertise humbled us deeply and we didn’t lie to her.

Peggy showed us several properties and asked if we wanted to see more. Peggy continued to answer our questions over the next three years via long distance. She always answered her phone and responded to our questions courteously. In March 2003, we met Peggy again. She knew all of our names and the names of our children. We were greeted warmly. Peggy must have shown us 50 homes, carefully selecting ones that were in good neighborhoods with good schools, off busy streets, cul-de-sac lots, and had a propensity to appreciate in value.

I again told Peggy that it wasn’t definite that we were being relocated to Arizona, and Peggy didn’t become reticent. She just helped us along through the process. We made an offer on a home contingent on my relocation and she presented it professionally. The selling party then pulled out all of the tricks. If there is a contingency, then we would have to pay certain fees, etc… Peggy knew all of the tricks. She told us to be patient while she handled the situation. The selling agent quickly realized that he wasn’t dealing with an inexperienced agent. Peggy was able to “convince” the selling agent to accept our offer.

Due to a delay in the decision to relocate, we ultimately had to cancel the contract. Peggy didn’t flinch even though she had put in over 100 hours of time and effort with us at this point. We felt terrible. We returned to Phoenix in August 2003. We again were greeted warmly by Peggy. Peggy promptly had multiple homes for us to see. We spent the next two grueling weeks looking for properties. She had made strong recommendations on the home we ultimately purchased because of the beautiful community and the potential for appreciation. An offer was pmade and the selling agent quickly responded with her bag of tricks. We offered $599K. We were counter offered $599K take-as-is. Peggy then said, “I know how to play this game. The sellers need to sell. This is clearly a tactic suggested by their real estate agent.” Our counteroffer – $615K!!! This wasn’t what I expected! Peggy raised the stakes, and we promptly received sincere apologies from the selling agent begging us to take the property for what we initially offered on the property. We were under contract in two days. Peggy is incredible! Never would I have expected to make that counteroffer. Peggy ultimately was right about this home as well. We love the community and would never dream of moving. Our $599K home appreciated to about $1.1M in just two and a half years! Thanks, Peggy!

– John & Seetha Vanderhoof

In the often turbulent sea of real estate transactions Peggy is a true anchor. She is such an honest and dedicated professional, whose focus is always on her clients’ needs. Peggy was our listing agent for the sale of our home this year. We were so impressed with her positive attitude, her extensive real estate knowledge, her patience and her creativity – all of which made our successful sale progress with ease. We highly recommend Peggy and will certainly look forward to having her handle any real estate needs we may have in the future.

– Raymond & Charlotte Svenson

We have had a very long and successful association with Peggy Rauch and Michael Meinerz. It began in the late 1980’s when Peggy helped us purchase a town home in the new “northern” section of Scottsdale, which has now become the “central” section, near the101 Freeway and Shea. In the years that followed she was instrumental in securing the bulk of our business investments which were condominium and town home rentals.

Even after we moved to another state Peggy continued to work closely with us. When Michael joined her, he filled a niche that has truly made them a formidable team. When we decided to sell six investment properties as part of a 1031 Exchange, Peggy and Michael worked diligently selling and closing all the properties within the time frame required. Should we ever return to Scottsdale to live they would be the only realtors we would consider using. For now, we stay in touch via e-mail, enjoy their newsletters and visit with them when “in town.” They are professional in their work, but more importantly, they exemplify the good life that Scottsdale has to offer, and they freely share that spirit with all who know and work with them.

– Douglas & Merrily Graham

Peggy and Michael are my ‘one-stop shopping’ real estate professionals. I was new to the area and they helped me anticipate future values between the two homes I had to choose from – and five years later – they were right!! When I had to leave town for a year, possibly more, and asked them to sell my home, they counseled me to try to rent it instead. Not only did they take care of every aspect of the rental, but now I’m back in Scottsdale, in my home and not trying to buy back into the market at a much higher price – they were right again!! But their knowledge of and connections in this town is what makes them my ‘one-stoppers’. Mortgage brokers, cleaning services, caterers, unique restaurants, movies, day trips, best 19th holes, I need it – they know it. They hold a special place on my speed dial.

– Dave Latella

You found the ideal house for us – not easy because it had to be by the water so the location was very important. Besides handling our real estate need in an exemplary fashion, you were always there to help us in every other way. When we had an emergency situation while out of town, you did not hesitate. You said yes immediately and were there for us l00%. If we had problems with the house you took care of all the issues. As far as David and I and the family are concerned words cannot describe how terrific we think you both are.

– Gail & David Abrams

Peggy and Michael handled the sale of our house in a most professional, efficient and courteous manner. We were kept informed on a day-to-day basis. Consequently, they are always available to help with any problems that may arise immediately. We are pleased to have an opportunity to recommend their services.

– Audrey & Peter Marks

Peggy and Michael helped us find the RIGHT home in a short period of time when we decided to relocate to Arizona from another state. I especially liked that they only showed me properties that exactly met my criteria- saving me time. Peggy and Michael handled all aspects of our transaction since we were out of state. They also handled challenges associated with the sale of our home in California when we had problems come up in escrow. Their experience really shows when things get complicated or a deal becomes more complex. Peggy and Michael have handled several transactions for us and we would recommend them to anyone.

– Mike & Heidi Sanders

Due to extremely challenging financial issues, I highly doubted that I would be able to secure a mortgage to purchase a home. In fact, I was very apprehensive about even pursuing the idea of home ownership. From the beginning, Peggy and Michael were encouraging and provided me with the information and contacts needed in order to go forward. Their expertise, guidance and compassion were unparalleled. They turned a daunting experience into one of joy and success.

– Kathleen Norton

My wife asked me to look at some Scottsdale real estate during a business trip, as an exploration/get-to-know the market sort of thing. We imagined ourselves to be one to two years out on a possible purchase there. I asked a good friend and lifelong resident of Scottsdale who she would recommend. She said: I have the team for you!

When I arrived and Peggy picked me up. I said, “You should have sent one of your associates since I am really only ‘kicking tires’ today.” Peggy said she has a great team, but would never outsource a client referral regardless of intentions, and that she fully understood this was an exploration visit.

The market had been very active and nearly half of the homes we picked out were sold or pending, so Peggy selected several others to get a good sampling within our price range. I saw many nice homes and was getting the education I’d hoped for, and Peggy asked me good questions and provided great insights on the market, locations, builders, etc., along the way. Then we saw ‘the one.’ It came on the market that day, was priced aggressively, and was truly head and shoulders above what we’d been seeing…and had many showings cued up for the weekend. We both knew it wouldn’t last long.

Peggy and Michael quickly put together a FaceTime video for my wife back in Minnesota. We decided to take a shot at it, and we worked with Peggy and Michael on a creative strategy to make an offer to the sellers that gave them flexibility that might be highly appealing to them . . .and it was. Within 2 days we had our first offer and only offer accepted!

I cannot say enough about Peggy and Michael. Their follow-up and follow-through was incredible and we couldn’t imagine a better realtor experience than the one we had with them.

– Alan Bovi

My husband and I have done numerous real estate transaction with the Peggy Rauch Group over the past 10 years. Peggy and Michael have the expertise, the interest and true enthusiasm to get your property sold. They know the market and can effectively and efficiently close a sale when the right buyer comes along.

Peggy and Michael have also done some transactions for personal friends of ours and in all circumstances have been successful in getting their property sold and/or purchased. They are honest, have the utmost respect for their client’s needs and will work very hard for you.

– Andy & Maria Terranova

Peggy Rauch with The Peggy Rauch Group was the listing agent on our home in McDowell Mountain Ranch. We needed to sell rather quickly because my husband was starting a job in Oregon at the end of the summer. We have four children (two teenagers and a 4 and 2 year-old) and the idea of listing our house, selling, finding another house out of state and moving was a daunting thought to say the least!

I felt we needed an agent who would not only sell our home fast, but who would know the market and would get a fair price. It was also important to me to be inconvenienced as little as possible with showings of the house. Having young children in the house and trying to keep everything tidy is difficult, especially if we would be showing the home several times a day. I was hoping our home sold fast, so I would not have to have the hassle for too long.

When I met with Peggy for the first time, I was pleased that she was so prepared. She showed me comps in the area and was realistic about what should be our listing price. Peggy is very knowledgeable about the area and clearly understood what was listed and what had sold. She took the time to explain and answer all our questions. She gave us advice and tips on how we could make the house look even better for listing.

Peggy wasted no time sending someone out to photograph our home for the listing. I was very impressed with the level of marketing that went into putting the listing not on only the MLS, but various other sites as well. Peggy knew the exact time of day to send the photographer out based on the direction my home faced to achieve the best photos of the yard and pool. When I saw the photos that would be used, I was so pleased. The home looked amazing! I really felt like the wording in the listing along with the photos set our home apart from others I saw listed.

Peggy handled so much more than most realtors that I have used in the past. She was in constant contact with me. She always responded to all my emails or phone calls immediately, followed up with the agents on every showing, and gave me detailed feedback. Most impressive of all, her proficiency brought a cash borrower to us in two weeks who wanted a thirty-day close! In addition to that, we sold our home well above the comps in the area.

I was nervous about closing in such a short time. There was so much to do- the inspection, packing the house up and we had to find a furnished rental in Arizona until the move to Oregon in August. This was all happening during my oldest son’s high school graduation. The stress level was high, and I was wondering how I was going to get everything done. Peggy was more than helpful to me during this time. She organized the inspection, referred me to vendors that could help me with the inspection request from the buyers and went over and beyond by locating a furnished rental in the perfect location for my family. She even met me at the rental with the landlord to show me the house and to make sure I liked it. She really showed me that she cared about me and my family and wanted to make sure we were happy. That meant so much to me and greatly reduced the amount of stress during the time.

After we closed on our home in McDowell Mountain Ranch, she called me and asked if there was anything else she could help me with. I thanked her for everything, and she told me not to hesitate to call if I needed anything at all or had any issues in the rental. She was truly a pleasure to work with every step of the way.

We bought a home in Oregon last week and I called Peggy to get some advice on our offer. She was more than willing to spend time with me discussing this transaction and her expertise really helped me in negotiating the offer on our new home.

I would highly recommend Peggy and her partner Michael to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable in her field, the extra effort and care she puts forth is unlike any other realtor I’ve worked with in the past. From the very first meeting until my home closed, and all the help after – Peggy is a true professional in every way!

– Elizabeth Rafael

Charlene and I just want to thank you again for your strong commitment to giving the utmost professional service and advice to us as your clients. You and Michael were always willing to go the “extra mile.”. Thank you so much for your skills and energy applied to the sale of our condo.

– Earl and Charlene Hendrickson

Linda and I want to thank you again for your professional skills in selling our two properties recently in North Scottsdale. Your research and marketing was spot-on in meeting our objectives. We are so fortunate to have benefited from your stellar skills and competency beyond measure. Thank you Peggy on many levels!

– Linda and Wil Berry

We have known Peggy and Michael for many years and have had the pleasure of working with them when we sold our home in Paradise Valley a few years ago; and again, last year when we bought our condo on Gainey Ranch.

They are not only both talented and professional Realtors, they are two of the most dedicated and caring people in the Field we have ever had the pleasure of working with. Peggy and Michael are honest, hardworking and incredibly connected. They never once stopped working on our behalf; we were always well-aware of the activity around our house sale and always felt that we had their complete attention. We might be considered rather fussy clients, as we ourselves own a home building company and have worked with many realtors.

They listened to us and really took the time to understand what it was we wanted to buy. We are so completely thrilled with the purchase of our condo – Peggy and Michael were both instrumental in both the selling of our home and the buying of our condo.

We would highly recommend Peggy and Michael to anyone who is looking for honest, first class service in the purchase or sale of their home in Scottsdale.

– Tom and Debra Mauro
Chairman and Founder
Albi Homes Ltd.